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Howdy! Welcome to Apres Rain Arroyo. I chose that name due to my work in the southwest. After a good rain, the floods would scour the arroyo sides, exposing new finds. They’d also drop a lot of sediment downstream, obscuring old slopes. That’s the fun of life.

This site is about everything to do with culture and the environment, mostly cultural geomorphology; since that is what I know most about. The site explores other relationships between all aspects of culture and the natural world. Culture includes art, politics, everything that involves people. Natural world encompasses all of the environment, even some formed by people, like urban canyons in cities.

Cultural Geomorphology (as defined by me): Geological change as influenced by or influencing culture.

About me:

Photo by Carl Freuden (archaeologist extraordinaire)

My name is Shari Maria Silverman (M.S., M.A.). I’ve worked in anthropology and the geosciences for over 20 years. I am a geoarchaeologist in the Pacific Northwest, but have worked throughout North America. Mostly, I’ve surveyed and excavated in the American Southwest, the Pacific Northwest, and the Rockies, but also throughout the American West and in Wisconsin. Wisconsin has fabulous Chinese food and archaeology. I was delightfully surprised by both when I moved there.

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