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Complex Fossil Brain 520 Million Years Old

Complex Fossil Brain 520 Million Years Old

A complex fossil brain, at least a fossilized brain structure, provides new evidence that complex brains existed 520 million years ago. This is pretty amazing, since it is not long after animal variation exploded. Here’s a bit about it: first the about the fossil brain structure, then about the Cambrian Explosion.

Fossil Brain Structure, What it Means and a Little Background (via ScienceDaily 2012)

  • Fuxianhuia protensa contained an advanced brain anatomy, but a primitive body design.
  • The fossil’s size is about three inches long.
  • The fossil brain’s shape matches that of a similar-sized modern malacostracan.
    • A malacostracan is a crustacean (some species include crabs, lobster, and shrimp [Wikipedia 2012]).
  • The Fuxianhuia protensa is a member of the taxonomic group arthropods, which includes arachnids, insects, and crustaceans (of course!)
  • These fossil brains indicate that branchiopod’s brains evolved from more complex brains.
    • Brine shrimp is a type of branchiopod.
    • Branchipod brains are much simpler than those of other malacostraca.
  • Malacostraca appeared in the fossil record during the Early Cambrian (Wikipedia 2012); 520 million years ago falls within the Early Cambrian.
  • The intact fossil of Fuxianhuia protensa was embedded within mudstones deposited 520 million years ago.
  • The mudstones laid down in (currently) Yunnan Province in China.

Cambrian Explosion (Waggoner et al. 1994 through 2011)

  • The fossil brain belongs to a 520 million year old individual (ScienceDaily 2012).
  • 520 million years ago was after the Cambrian Explosion, during which a lot of life diversity occurred.
  • The Cambrian Explosion occurred about 530 million years ago. It was short.
  • The oceans became oxygenated during the Cambrian, which may have triggered the explosion of life.
  • Water covered much of the world.
  • The world was fairly warm.


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