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Vibes of Disappointment to Bad World Behavior

Vibes of Disappointment to Bad World Behavior

I’m afraid I’m pulling out my secret weapon: vibes of disappointment. I’ve been left with no choice. Lots of people and groups all over the world are behaving REALLY BADLY towards each other, and its really #$%@#$% me off. To those behaving badly, I’m extremely disappointed in you. I’m sending vibes of disappointment your way.

Vibes of Awesome

However, I want to thank and give a shout out to all those people and organizations behaving extraordinarily well. There are probably more of you than those behaving badly. I want to thank you for all of your work. I send vibes of awesome your way.

See, it’s all very yin yang.

I also realize that nobody’s perfect. Those who do good, even incredible good, can behave very badly; and vice verca. We are not cartoons, even though it seems like a lot of people act like it.

What Vibes of Awesome Can Look Like

Vibes of Disappointment

To those who use religion to justify their bad behavior: vibes of disappointment.

To those who use history to justify their bad behavior: vibes of disappointment.

To those who twist and ignore parts of the story to justify their bad behavior: vibes of disappointment.

What Vibes of Disappointment Can Look Like: Okay, a neon guy on a bicycle is actually really awesome. A blurry picture, however, is REALLY disappointing; believe me; I’ve lived with the disappointment of this photograph of this awesome guy being blurry for years!

Vibes of Disappointment Recipient Examples

Let me give you a few examples:

  • Those who suck up a lot of money for themselves off the backs of the rest of us, including the incredibly poor. Vibes of disappoint, plus a special #$% you.
    • Mitt Romney, I’m looking at you kid. Very disappointed.
  • To those who start killing random people and destroying livelihoods to get back at anyone, or for any reason. Vibes of disappointment.
  • To those who wage incredible wars (such as that whole Bosnia thing) based upon stuff that happened a long time ago. This is a little different. That is really, really hard. However, we ALL need to get beyond history and ensure the bad stuff doesn’t continue for future generations. Change those vibes to good one somehow. You can do it. I have faith. Until then, however, vibes of disappointment. I look forward to changing that to vibes of awesome. You have it in you. Stop the revenge.

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