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Jackson Pollock Sculptures: NYC Galleries

Jackson Pollock Sculptures: NYC Galleries

Believe it or not, Jackson Pollock sculpted. He created sculptures that looked like different objects at varying angles. Jackson Pollock sculptures have been described as flotsam and jetsam, bones or bodies, and ancient dolmens or tombs (Cembalest 2012).

Yeah, that Jackson Pollock. Jackson Pollock, the abstract painter.

Apparently, Pollock aspired to sculpture. He traveled to New York City hoping to become a “modern day Michaelangelo (Cembalest 2012 in reference to an Eileen Costello essay).” He worked with Thomas Hart Benton due to his greatness with clay. During the 1930’s, he apprenticed with master carver Ahron Ben-Shmuel. He also studied with Robert Laurent. In 1938, while under treatment for alcoholism, he sculpted copper bowls (Cembalest 2012).

He even continued sculpting while developing his famous painting techniques. He formed 3-D objects using paper-mâché, whittling cow bone, dipping wire in plaster, throwing and hand-molding clay, hammering copper, carving stone, and numerous other methods (Cembalest 2012).

The final Jackson Pollock sculptures will be on display through October 27, 2012 at Matthew Marks New York Gallery:

Matthew Marks Gallery

502 West 22nd Street

New York, New York

10 am to 6 pm (September 7 through October 27, 2012)

The show began on September 7, with an opening the evening of September 6.

The show displays five sculptures: two by Pollock and three by Tony Smith. Both Pollocks and one of the Smiths were cast at Smith’s home in July 1956, just weeks before Pollock’s death from a car accident in August. The two met during the 1940s, which was the period that Pollock created some of his greatest paintings. The Jackson Pollock sculptures consist of wire, gauze, and plaster. Shaped by sand-casting, they achieved the same texture that Pollock sought to create in his paintings. Smith’s sculpture from the cast was formed by thin concrete poured into an egg carton mold. This created patterns exhibited by Smith’s earlier paintings. Smith’s wood sculpture is also included in the exhibition (Matthew Marks Gallery 2012).


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