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Sifting Through Propoganda

Sifting Through Propoganda

As the World’s Propoganda Spins: Good heavens! Sifting through propoganda this year seems even more difficult than in years previous. It’s always been difficult to know who a candidate really is, or to double-check a ballot measure for hidden agendas that mean the opposite of what you think you’re voting for.

Nowadays, however, it seems that candidates flip-flop all over the place, or do things that seem against who they are.

Sifting Through Propoganda: Who the Heck Are You Anyway?

Sometimes I get the feeling that there’s someone in a majestic compound underneath Washington, D.C. with a cat on his lap. While running for president, politicians, even life long Congressman, are completely unaware of this individual.

Why do I bring this mythical person up? Doesn’t he build his compound inside mountains?

    1. Washington, D.C. is part of an incredibly old mountain system (the Appalachians)… old it pre-dates the Atlantic Ocean. Ireland, other British Islands, and much of western Europe share it, but that’s not what this is about.
    2. No matter who is running: Democrat or Republican, he/she seems to run on a set of values that they like.
      • Sure, there is some pandering to the base, but I assume that politicians share the same set of beliefs, more or less, as their base; otherwise, they’d have a different one. Hopefully the base will be sifting through propoganda too.
      • Sometime after the elected candidate gets into office, they seem to do exactly the same thing as all the other candidates (Democrat or Republican). This odd behavior leads to the thought of an outside force (i.e. spy-thriller nemesis)

Campaign Finances (A More Likely Nemesis; Though Far Less Fun)

During the elections, funding comes from individuals and the collected bit from the small dollar amount we decide whether or not we want to contribute to a presidential election.

Well, it did. The Citizen’s United bill, which the Supreme Court ruled as legit, says that corporations and unions can spend unlimited amounts of cash on elections. This 2012 election season has seen a ton of spending by special interest groups in elections; giving them a much louder voice than the rest of us. The Court cited the 1st Amendment.

However, big money is drowning the voice of the rest of us, eroding our 1st Amendment rights. Not only that, once you hear something enough, it becomes the truth in your head. Very dangerous stuff. As a country, the United States is being effectively bullied by select large corporations and select extremely wealthy individuals. The rest of us can’t compete to get a word in edgewise. The nemesis has come from under the mountain. I’m guessing the cat escaped. It’s probably sifting through propoganda at this moment.
Politicians are being purchased whether they want to or not. Scary situation.

Sifting Through Propoganda: Abusing Marketing

This brings us to the mega-flip flop, and the fact that not many people seem to care.

Marketing is great stuff. It can get your point across and sell your brand. However, in recent (and not-so-recent) politics, it’s been terribly abused. Candidates stood fervently in one arena on an issue in the past, only to do an immediate about face when a political opponent supports that action. Two examples of this are:

  1. Health Care Reform, and
  2. Campaign Finance Reform.

It’s really irritating.

Earlier this election season, I wrote that Romney thought about things and changed his mind (to a different perspective than I supported, but still). Now it is apparent that he is flip flopping to pander to his financial supporters. He’s marketing himself to be something other than he isn’t (or his campaign is), and it is $%#$@ me off.

I have similar complaints against Obama regarding the whistleblowers and the drones. These are two extremely major issues. In fact, the whistleblower issue erodes democracy in a major way and widens the chasm between those in power and those not in power. NOTE  ON WHISTLEBLOWERS: the Obama administration has been incredibly hard on whistleblowers, to keep you in the loop.

I will most likely vote for Obama. He’s done a number of great things for this country. But his administration needs to change its tune on undemocratic policy.

What the heck do whistleblowers and drones have to do with marketing? Obama’s administration markets itself as community builders. The administration really tried that with both Houses of Congress, neither of which acted in community spirit. However, an important facet of community is giving everyone a voice. Whistleblowers are an important part of that voice. Bad Marketing. How to sift through propoganda on that one?

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