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Ballard Seafoodfest 2012

Ballard Seafoodfest 2012

Ballard Seafoodfest is sprawled throughout my Seattle neighborhood this weekend (July 14 and 15, 2012 – Saturday and Sunday). I went yesterday (July 14) and will probably visit a bit today. However, I took a bunch of photos to let you know what’s up if your in Seattle and want to visit the hood.

Head of Viking/not Viking ship.

Front of Viking/not Viking ship.

Portion of booths along Main. The tents stretch for several blocks. They spur down Ballard Ave, Leary, and other sidestreets to the south as well.

Art vending machine in front of Venue. It usually lives inside the store.

My friend Jen selects art from vending machine.

Vending machine art package.


Advertising for vending machine art.

Merchandise screams from storefront. You need that wallet. Yes you do.

These funky fish marked seating at the stage. Note: all bands are required to have an accordion this year.

You would not believe the serious looks on the faces of the people who wear these.

No it ain’t. Poster for Seafest. My grandmother (bestemor) lived in Ballard. She was Norwegian. I don’t think she played accordion. I’ll have to ask my mom.

Ballard Seafoodfest 2012: Things to Know

Here are some morsels of information to help you out if you are in Ballard today (July 15), whether you go to Ballard Seafoodfest or not. Either way, it will impact your life.

1). Time: July 15, 2012: It will be between 11 am to 7 pm. Yesterday it was between 11 am and 9 pm.

2). Place: In Ballard (Seattle) along Main Street, Leary Way, Ballard Avenue and many other such places south of Main Street in Ballard’s downtown.

3). Parking: I’m not even going to the laundromat to lose my space, and I live a mile away. Be prepared to park a ways away. The fair was packed yesterday and all the main streets are closed.

4). The Ballard Farmer’s Market (which occurs on Ballard Avenue between 10 am and 3 pm) is also happening: link to website @ post base.

5). Stan Boreson, the accordion legend who graced the festival for several years, announced his retirement earlier this year. As a special tribute to him, this Ballard Seafoodfest is all accordions all the time. There are awesome bands (modern) playing on the Ballard Avenue stage. All are required to have at least one accordion (Ballard Seafoodfest 2012).

6). Remember not to fill your gullet with real food, like I did yesterday, so that you have room for overpriced junkfood. That’s part of the spirit of any festival.

7). The crows have been angry lately (nesting season?). You might get swooped. I didn’t yesterday, but I did the week earlier.

8). Plenty of Kraken art graces Ballard Seafoodfest if you’ve been looking for it. I know I have!

Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy yourself!  Shari


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