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NYC Art: Private Passage by Cochran

NYC Art: Private Passage by Cochran

Malcolm Cochrane’s “Private Passage” lies on its side in New York City’s Clinton Cove Park, at Pier 96 along the Hudson River and Hudson River Parkway. Clinton Cove Park is located at W 55th and 12 Avenue.

Basically, “Private Passage” is a ship in a bottle, only more awesome.

The bottle is constructed of steel. Cochrane formed the exterior from zinc and bronze, which eventually grew a traditional green patina. In addition, portholes allow visitors to view the interior from the sides and bottle base and lip. Portholes from the top shine light inside on sunny days. On overcast days and at night, electric lights, which are part of the cabins furnishings, illuminate the interior room (Whitstock 2005).

The ocean liner R.M.S. Queen Mary inspired its interior’s furnishings. The inside is loosely based upon photographs of the liner’s state room. Sheet metal and other similar-toned materials give the room a monochromatic feel. This evokes the essence of the black and white photographs, which inspired the room. Cochrane wanted to capture the silver tone and sheen of the black and white images (Whitstock 2005).

When he was a child, Cochrane and his father sailed to Europe from a Hudson River pier in New York. With this work of public art, commissioned by the Hudson River Park Trust, he gave the luxury liner industry a nod. So he made an ocean liner in a bottle. Indicating that sea experience is really about the cabin, the stateroom went into the bottle for “Private Passage (Whitstock 2005).”



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