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15,000 Year-Old Painting Tradition Found in Germany

15,000 Year-Old Painting Tradition Found in Germany

Earlier this month, papers announced that 25,000 year-old paintings in France depicted horses that no longer exist. These paintings were unusually old. Within Germany, much younger paintings were recently found. Although 10,000 years younger than those in France, they represent the oldest painting tradition in central Europe: Magdellan (Universitaet Tübingen 2011).

They consist of parallel lines of red dots found on two limestone cobbles. While wall art decorates caves in France and Spain, it is unknown in Germany and other portions of central Europe. Scientists surmise this may result from the harsh climate during the Ice Age (Universitaet Tübingen 2011).

To read more about it and see images of the cobbles, click here.

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Universitaet Tübingen (2011, November 8). Ice Age paintings from the Swabian Jura, Southwestern Germany document the earliest painting tradition in Central Europe.ScienceDaily. Retrieved November 16, 2011, from­/releases/2011/11/111108075401.htm.

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