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World’s Population to Hit 7 Billion mid-Autumn 2011

World’s Population to Hit 7 Billion mid-Autumn 2011

Sometime during this next week, the world’s population is forecasted to reach seven billion. Apparently, during the late 1800s, it was only at 1 billion. We’ve been increasing like mad ever since (Brown 2011).

This concerns me. I heard it first on the PBS NewsHour report cited above this evening. It was sandwiched between stories about global economic woes, and the growing human catastrophe of Thailand’s flooding. It comes at the end of a week of stories about local and global economies, the earthquake in Turkey, Thailand’s flooding, politics, worldwide months-long and United States’ nationwide weeks-long protests about chasm of wealth and disenfranchisement, the breaching of a dam (big deal here in Washington state), and diminishing government services.

The growing population, to me, seems to be the glue that binds all these issues together. There are a lot more of us, and many of us (myself included) use way more resources than sustainable. This brings me to the Why the Green Economy Aversion? post from October 22, 2011 (linked in Links below). We need to change the way we think about economy. Use alternatives; no business as usual. It’s not about how much we can hoard. It’s about how we can make the world a better place for everyone in future generations. Otherwise, our geology just isn’t big enough to support us. Natural disasters affect us more, the more there are of us.

I have a couple of brainstorming ideas. These are just brainstorms. Join the discussion. I know there are many facets to everything. We should solve this together, worldwide. Here are some to get the discussion started:

  • Alter our values with something more sustainable: Production feeds on consumption. We are about production. It is ingrained in us. We need to replace that value with something that will benefit us all: community, sharing, giving back. We all value these things, we think. We volunteer. However, we need to change that. In order for these ideas to gain value in our hearts and soul, the people that do them need to be paid, and well. With what you ask? Won’t that suck up more resources? We need to decrease the value we hold for positions that normally make tons. I don’t mean devalue them. They need to have value as well. Currently, however, they are extraordinarily inflated.
  • Use less. Easier said than done. Believe me I know.
Let me know your ideas.


Why the Green Economy Aversion? This blog: click here.

PBS NewsHour video (2 minutes, 11 seconds) about the world’s population growth, where it occurs, and its implications – newstory: click here.

PBS NewsHour video (9 minutes, 30 seconds) discussion with National Geographic and U.N. Population fund about implications: click here.

Inhabit article with great global graphic of population growth, and its implications: click here.

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U.N. Population Fund website: click here.


Brown, Jeffrey

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