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Metal Tag Heron Sculpture

Metal Tag Heron Sculpture
Aluminum Heron

Aluminum Heron

This awesome heron statue stands in the Mary E. Theler Wetlands of Belfair, Washington. Metal sculpture decorates numerous areas of the park, which contains a variety of restored marsh areas at the beginning of the Hood Canal. Aluminum tags form this work of art, looking like a mass of shiny feathers.

Aluminum primarily comes from Bauxite. Hydrated aluminum oxide and hydrated iron oxide form Bauxite, a sedimentary rock, generally flat-lying and covering miles of area. It is usually obtained through open pit mining (Harris 2011), which leaves scars less than beautiful than this sculpture.

However, these tags produced a thing of beauty. Although the United States does obtain aluminum from other countries, much of their aluminum is made from recycled sources. So, who knows? Maybe that is a thing of beauty as well, eh?

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. The heron statue looks great!

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